If you require any additional information regarding the curriculum other than that stated below, Skills Booklets are available from the school office which show all the objectives that children will be taught in all year groups for each subject. These booklets will be sent out at the start of each academic year.

 Additionally, you can find the National Curriculum at or ask for a copy from the school office.



 French is currently taught to children in KS2 (Years 3-6) who receive the KS2 entitlement of 60 minutes’ MFL teaching per week. Teaching is largely made up of discrete language lessons, with additional teaching through daily integration of French in classroom routines (e.g. registration).

The scheme (Rigolo) has been used since 2011 to form the basic medium term plans. This ensures a progression of skills. The children are taught to:

  • Ask and answer questions;
  • Sing songs; read stories and poems;
  • Use correct pronunciation and grammar;
  • Memorise words;
  • Interpret meaning;
  • Understand basic grammar;
  • Make use of bi-lingual dictionaries;
  • Work in pairs and groups and communicate in a foreign language;
  • Explore things from another’s perspective, giving insight into the people, lives and traditions of other cultures.
  • ICT is widely used to support the children’s learning.

Continuity allows children to build on their knowledge and understanding.  Progression is achieved through the planning process and includes the progression of skills as well as knowledge.  It is concerned with advances in children’s learning. 

Progression takes the form of increasingly demanding grammatical structures, based around the principle of hubs around simple verbs.  For example:

single nouns and adjectives

nouns with appropriate adjective

verbs in the first person

verbs in the third person

verbs with nouns and adjectives


un stylo/rouge

j’ai un stylo

il/elle a un stylo

Il/elle a un stylo rouge


A red pen

I have a pen

He/she has a pen

He/she has a red pen

 Scheme of work






  •  We as a staff give reassurance to our children that we are there for them as Jesus was for his flock. We will care and look after them, we will teach them and do not leave anyone behind.

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